Covid-19 Updates

September 16, 2021

On September 15, the Official Board discussed the Government of New Brunswick announcement about proof of vaccination for indoor organized gatherings. The Official Board decided that the wise and loving thing to do at this time is to require people attending indoor church gatherings (including worship, committees, and groups) to show proof of vaccination, even though faith gatherings were not explicitly named in the government announcement. This will help to keep our more vulnerable members safe, including children, people not able to be vaccinated for medical reasons, and people with health conditions that limit their body's ability to produce a good immune response even when fully vaccinated. This will come into effect on September 22, the date announced by the provincial government.

If you would like to read the full letter sent to the pastoral charge, including the theological reasoning behind this decision, you can download it as a PDF file here:

Two Rivers Pastoral Charge Vaccination Policy

July 21, 2020

At this time, the Provincial Government is moving towards the "green" phase of re-opening, which is scheduled to happen once 75% of the province has both doses of the vaccine as long as case numbers and hospitalizations remain low. At that time, the state of emergency will end, and all mandatory restrictions will be lifted.

A letter has been mailed out to the congregation outlining how we, as a church, plan to transition to "green." You can read the full text of the letter below, but here is a brief summary:

  • Removing most of the physical distancing barriers within the sanctuaries; however each church will continue to have a "Physical Distancing Zone" for those who are more comfortable with increased physical distancing.

  • Bibles and hymn books will be returned to the pews, and singing in worship will return.

  • Masks will no longer be mandatory; however anyone who is more comfortable wearing a mask is very welcome to continue to wear their mask.

  • Everyone is encouraged to communicate around physical distancing and contact - before reaching out to hug someone or shake their hand, make sure that the recipient is comfortable with hugs/handshakes.

  • Hand Sanitizer will continue to be available at the church entrances. Everyone is still encouraged to stay home or wear a mask if you are sick to avoid spreading illnesses (Covid-19, colds, or the 'flu).

  • We will continue to livestream our worship services from Westfield United Church every Sunday at 11:15am on the Two Rivers Pastoral Charge Facebook Page.

September 21, 2020

Covid-19 has changed how we do many things around Two Rivers Pastoral Charge. Since mid-March, 2020, we have not been worshiping in our buildings, but have shifted to a livestreamed service on the Two Rivers Pastoral Charge Facebook Page. Other programs shifted online as well - weekly bible study and committee and board meetings shifted to the WebEx platform, and daily community check-ins have also been happening using Facebook Live.

In July, the Official Board approved our Covid Operational Plan that outlines safety procedures that will be in place as we gradually re-open our buildings. On September 27, we will resume in-person worship in our buildings, while continuing to livestream the service at Westfield United Church on our Facebook page each Sunday at 11:15. In-person gatherings (e.g. meetings, bible study) are also gradually resuming at this time.

Important Links:

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