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In the United Church of Canada, we recognize and celebrate two sacraments: baptism and communion.

From the United Church of Canada website:

"A sacrament is a symbolic action, or ritual, by which people of faith encounter the presence and goodness of God. In a sacrament, ordinary things like water, bread, and wine are used to point us to God and God’s love, reminding us of the sacred in life. In the United Church, we celebrate two sacraments: baptism, the ritual that formally recognizes we belong to the Christian community, and communion, a symbolic meal initiated by Jesus. These sacraments are of central importance to our faith."

When someone is baptized, they make promises that they will try to follow the way of Jesus (or, in the case of a baby or young child, the parents or guardians make these promises on their behalf), and the church promises to care for the person being baptized, and for all baptized people in our community. Water is poured over their head, and words are spoken by the minister - "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." Baptism in the United Church of Canada is recognized by our ecumenical partners - the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Anglican Church of Canada.

Baptism is not a prerequisite for God's love. We believe that God knows us and loves us from before we are born until after we have taken our last breath.

Baptism can take place at any age - babies, children, youth, and adults are welcome for baptism in the United Church of Canada. Baptism, unlike communion, is a one-time-only sacrament. If you have been baptized, even in another denomination, you do not need to be baptized again.

Confirmation is the second half of baptism. When someone is baptized as a baby or as a young child, the parents or guardians make promises on their behalf. When the person is older, if they want to make these promises on their own (ie "confirm" the promises that their parents or guardians made) and commit themselves to membership in the church, they can seek out confirmation.

Sometimes during our Sunday morning worship, we all have an opportunity to renew our baptismal promises.

If you would like to be baptized, or if you would like for your child to be baptized, please contact our minister to begin that conversation.

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