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Bayswater-Summerville United Church

The Bayswater-Summerville congregation worships in the Summerville United Church building on the historic Kingston Peninsula, close to the banks of the Kennebecasis River. This congregation was previously two congregations, but in 2009 they made the difficult and courageous decision to stop worshipping in the Bayswater church and amalgamate in to one congregation.

Work on the Summerville United Church building began in 1865, and it was built as a community church with many denominations holding worship services within its walls. As different denominations built their own church buildings, this building eventually became the home of the Methodist congregation, and eventually became a part of the United Church of Canada with church union in 1925.

Worship services are held bi-weekly; and the church remains active in the community, hosting the Summerville Quilters, as well as concerts and pop-up art galleries.

(Photo Credit: Jennifer Wilson)

Long Reach - picture.jpg

Long Reach United Church

The Long Reach United Church building was built circa 1850 as a Methodist preaching point on the Kingston Peninsula. It was in a preaching circuit with a number of other Methodist churches, including churches in Kingston, Moss Glen, Holderville, and Carter's Point - today, Long Reach United Church is the only one of these buildings left.

Because it is located at White's Bluff, it was formerly known as White's Church. In 1925, when the Methodist churches in Canada joined with Presbyterian and Congregationalist churches, Long Reach United Church became a part of the newly-formed United Church of Canada.

The River Room extension was completed in 2013 giving space for meetings and Sunday School, as well as a kitchenette and washroom. In 2020 a park was built at the top of the cemetery by the upper parking lot.

Worship services are held bi-weekly; and the church hosts youth programming as well as book studies and special services for the Pastoral Charge.

(Photo Credit: Gaby Anderson)


Westfield United Church

The first Methodist chapel was established in Westfield in 1839 as part of the Saint John North circuit. Due to building deterioration, a new church building was erected in 1861 (and possibly again in 1880 - the history is unclear). On August 6, 1921, a wildfire swept through Westfield, destroying both the church and the parsonage along with many homes and summer cottages.

Work on the current building began in 1922, and with the financial support of local families, summer residents, and other churches in the New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Conference, the new church building was dedicated on June 25, 1925 - 15 days after Westfield Methodist Church had become Westfield United Church, part of the newly formed United Church of Canada.

The church remains an active community hub, holding weekly worship services, hosting a number of community groups throughout the week, and nurturing the faith of the congregation. When neighbouring St. Giles United Church closed in 2014, many St. Giles members chose to become members at Westfield United Church, and the church hall was re-named the St. Giles Hall in their honour.

(Photo Credit: Logan Thompson)

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