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You may have heard of March Madness; now it's time for Lent Madness! Our 2023 Lent Theme is "Encountering Jesus" and we've set up a fun tournament bringing together a bunch of stories from the bible about people who encountered Jesus.

Each week, a new round of voting will open up as we narrow 32 stories down to one!

What criteria should you use to vote?  That is completely up to you!  Maybe you want to look for whose life was changed the most by their encounter with Jesus.  Maybe you really like the name Mary, so you are going to vote for all of the Marys.  Maybe you are going to rank them in alphabetical order and pick the name that comes first in the alphabet.  Have as much fun with this as you want!

Feel free to share this page on your social media and encourage your friends to vote too!  Cheer on your favourites and maybe you'll be able to sway others' votes.

You are only able to vote once each week, but be sure to come back next week to see who made it in to the next round.  Ready to go?  Scroll down the page for this week's round!


Week 4:  March 20-26 (Quarter Finals)

Here are this week's pairings - each pair includes two stories that won the last round.  We are down to 8 stories, so there are only for pairings for you to vote on this week.  Once you are ready to vote, click on the button at the bottom of the page which will take you to this week's ballot.  (Hint:  If you click on each name, it will take you to a bible story about that person's encounter with Jesus.)

First Pairing:  Showed Up Early in Jesus's Story

Mary, the Mother of Jesus


Peter, the First Disciple Jesus Called

Second Pairing:  Their Future Was Transformed by Jesus

A Thief on Another Cross


A Canaanite Woman who Argued Back with Jesus

Third Pairing:  Two Female Disciples of Jesus

Mary Magdalene, The Apostle to the Apostles


A Samaritan Woman, Jesus's First Disciple Outside his Inner Circle

Fourth Pairing:  Two Disciples

The Beloved Disciple (aka The Disciple Jesus Loved)


Paul, Formerly Known as Saul

Are you ready to vote?  If so, click the button below which will take you to this week's ballot!

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